Details For Project : New Giza

New Giza

NEWGIZA Cares aims to improve the Old Giza and improve the quality of life of its people and teach them proper hygiene.  AMS built the IPTV system that serving the New Giza residential area phase one which is covered 5000 units included Villas & Apartments with the latest IPTV technology/features with the Max of QOS.Also the system will serve later the other residential areas, New Giza University, International Schools, Hotel & the International Hospital with all the OTT services Technology.

Latens software-only CAS solution to secure IPTV services from Egyptian Advanced Multimedia Systems

AMS Selects Latens CAS for Egypts First IPTV Offering

Amino and Advanced Media Systems partner in Middle East region
+(202) 35371042 24/7 Support

Smart Zone Complex- Concordia Building B-2111
Smart Village
6th of October city - Egypt


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